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Patent Fees
Optional Patent Fixed Fees
U.S. Application PreparationTechnologyFixed Fee1
Provsional2 $2,500.00 
Nonprovisional3Simple Mechanical$5,000.00
  Complex Mechnical$7,000.00
Design $1,000.00
U.S. Application Prosecution  
Restriction Reporting $100.00 
Restriction Response (w/o traverse) $250.00
Office Action Reporting $150.00
Office Action Response (simple) $1,800.00
Office Action Response (complex) $2,700.00
Notice of Appeal $400.00
Pre-Appeal Review  $800.00
Appeal Brief $4,000.00
Reply Brief $2,000.00
Request for Oral Argument $400.00
Oral Arguments (excluding travel) $3,200.00
Issue Fee $300.00
Maintenance Fee $200.0
Assignment $125.00
Response to Missing Parts $250.00
Patentability Search–Results Only4Simple Mechanical$700.00
 Complex Mechnical$800.00
Patentability Search–Analysis & Opinion4Simple Mechanical$1,800.00
 Complex Mechnical$1,900.00
Validity/Invalidity Opinion $8,000.00
Infringement/Noninfringement Opinion $8,000.00

1 Fixed fees exclude USPTO fees, including fees for extension of time.

2 Total fee for attorney time, including all communications or correspondence, and draft drawings (formal drawings require additional cost of draftsman’s fees).

3 Total fee for attorney time, including all communications or correspondence, one Information Disclosure Statement (IDS), and third party fees (fee may be adjusted in exceptional cases requiring numerous drawings). Preparation fee reduced by $2,700.00 if based on provisional prepared by Cleere IP Law Office, LLC.

4 Patentability search prices are per invention. Patentability search prices are subject to change as necessitated by changes in third party provider costs.


All flat fees include telephone calls, email communication, all formal reporting, application monitoring, and matter management.

Any items not included are provided on an hourly basis or quoted for a fixed fee on a case by case basis only.